What to do if the shipper deliver damaged goods

When receiving the goods from the carrier, please carefully check the goods delivered.

Do not accept a shipment that looks damaged at first glance (damaged packaging, etc.). If you still receive it, please notify the courier in question that you are accepting the shipment "WITH A RESERVATION" and make sure that he notices this fact.

If the goods are damaged, even if the packaging was intact, it is necessary to inform us of this fact as soon as possible so that we can contact the courier company that delivered the shipment directly to you. You can do so by email at or by phone at +421 37 656 42 42.

The carrier has the right to check the actual condition of damage or partial loss of the shipment, therefore we recommend the buyer with the damaged shipment not to manipulate and store the packaging and filling in which the shipment was delivered - we recommend that you make photo documentation.


Return policy

Merchandise can be assessed only in the operation of the seller or by sending the goods to address traffic supplier, reject the claim is possible if the product contains a defect for which the supplier by law or under contract of sale does not correspond, furthermore, if the goods are for the warranty time, it was handled in goods or the goods have been incorrectly installed (if implemented professional installation service, you need to show proof of installation).

Together with the product we recommend for faster settlement of the claim submit a document confirming the purchase of goods and the filled claim report (pdf, 77 kB).

Settlement of the claim means that the faulty goods will be repaired or will be handed a new piece, or offered a discount or refund.

The buyer is obliged to familiarize himself with the return policy and the Terms & Conditions before purchasing or ordering goods. At the same time the buyer acknowledges the collaboration necessary for settlement of the claim, otherwise the period accordingly extended by a period during which the buyer failed to provide the required cooperation.

All detailed information can be found at Terms & Conditions.

In case of doubt regarding the complaint of the goods, do not hesitate to contact us.